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Stay at Home Spa

In the throes of this global pandemic, the notion of a spa day has a bit of a different meaning. Whether it's to help quell some of the Covid-induced anxiety or to quite literally dip your toes into fun products —this quarantine is, at the very least, an excuse to lather up. 

Here, 9 of my favourite DIY beauty treatments:

Hot oil hair treatment 

Coating your hair with warm oil just sounds relaxing, no? This treatment (which typically isn't offered in many salons) can help mend dryness, reduce frizz, and add a healthy amount of shine. All you need to do is heat up a few tablespoons of oil of your choice (I'm partial to coconut), massage it into your hair in small doses, and let it sit in a shower cap for around 30 minutes.

Baking soda shampoo

In dire need of a scalp scrub? This DIY baking soda shampoo is your guy.

Mix 1 part baking soda and 3 parts cool or lukewarm water, add in a few drops of essential oils if you're feeling fancy, and apply the shampoo to wet hair. You might want to skip the scalp scrub if you have really dry hair. Also, be sure to do a patch test, just in case you have any reactions. 

Aloe vera hair and scalp mask 

Dry, brittle hair, this one's for you. This mask is perfect for a super-clean scalp (say, after you've done a baking soda scrub to remove buildup), so the hydrating nutrients from aloe vera can better penetrate the skin. And it's one that's practically made for DIY, as the fresher and purer the aloe, the more potent the benefits. So, snip off a leaf of your aloe vera plant, remove the outer skin, and apply the inner gel to your hair right before your shower (but only for 20 minutes max). 

Matcha powder face mask

There's nothing like a good DIY face mask for an at-home spa day, and this matcha powder mixture is sure to become your go-to. Mixed with colloidal oatmeal (an age-old remedy known for its skin-soothing benefits), this matcha mask will simultaneously exfoliate and calm your skin—all in a vibrant green color.

Cucumber mask 

There's a reason cucumbers are the quintessential symbol of a relaxing spa day—the vegetable is super hydrating! When applied topically, it can even help combat facial redness. Make your own cucumber mask by simply pureeing a cucumber and slathering it on for a couple of minutes. 

Apple cider vinegar rinse

Trying to save your shampoo? Enter the apple cider vinegar rinse: It can help reduce the number of times a week you need to wash and condition while keeping your hair looking vibrant. Just mix ½ tablespoon of ACV for every 1 cup of cold water, and let it sit on the hair for around five minutes before rinsing it out. Depending on how dry or oily your hair is, there are multiple ways you can customize this DIY rinse—before shampooing, as a post-conditioner mask, or in place of your shampoo entirely. 

Facial massage 

Just jade roll or use your own fingers, massage that skin, and feel the puffiness subside. Just be sure to apply a facial oil for some slip—you don't want to be pulling at the skin. 

Kombucha toner

Yes, that fizzy probiotic-packed drink we've come to know and love can also brighten and even skin tone. While it might not be the most effective toner out there, its collagen-boosting properties make it a fun experiment to try on your spa day. Just apply it with a pad after cleansing.  

And last but not least:

DIY oil cleanser

Longing for an oil cleanser? It may be as easy as taking a peek in your pantry—sunflower seed oil can improve your skin barrier and is shown to be noncomedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores. That said, it makes a gentle face wash—just use it as you would any other oil cleanser.

I wish you a beautiful and relaxing day at home!


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