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Want to live a wholesome life, where the physical and spiritual meet?

Follow me on a holistic journey, through my exhaustive categories, for a happier and healthier you! 

Walk with me through photographs, accompanied by inspirational, informative content, blogs and podcasts for an uplifting experience! 

Soha Mostaghim Modir



Welcome to my photoblog/podcast, my very own passion project, filled with unique and engaging photographs and inspiring material. Explore my site and all that it has to offer! I invite everyone to strive towards a more meaningful and fuller life, physically and spiritually.

Be energized by relevant shots from everyday life to mystical moments...

I consider myself a world citizen, hence the creation of this photoblog to entice my subscribers to aspire towards unity, positivity and constructive ventures.
My suggestion is a holistic lifestyle where our spiritual and physical realities are balanced. Therefore, I cover different categories to satisfy this endeavour and a podcast to create a space for meaningful conversations.

I've lived partly in the Middle East, Europe and North America. I have experienced both worlds, the East and the West. I tried to get the best out of each place I've lived in and connect and adapt myself to various uplifting cultures and integrate as much as possible by learning and sharing. 
With a background in Journalism (Master of Press and Information from IHECS Brussels) and expertise in photography, I consider myself a semi-professional photographer. I've been addicted to photography since high school when I first got introduced to this art, and it has stayed with me since.

I find that photography depicts the best a fleeting moment, feeling or atmosphere!

Soha Mostaghim Modir

My Interview with Bahaiblog.net 

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