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Havana and it's Graffiti Art

In Cuba‘s deteriorating urban landscape, graffiti art, far from a form of vandalism, is a public service. Art scattered all over Havana has transformed uninteresting buildings and neighbourhoods into giant public art galleries. Here you can explore some of the capital’s best street art in a single day.

Declared one of the New7Wonders Cities in June 2016, Havana has something for everyone: from landscapes and ecotourist activities.

Graffiti was until recently uncommon in Cuba’s tightly controlled public spaces. Its emergence reflects greater scope for critical expression under President Raul Castro and increasing influence of international culture as the country slowly opens. Like Cuba’s young bloggers, who are pushing the boundaries of what has been allowed in the media by starting news websites, its graffiti artists do not consider themselves dissidents and have been mostly tolerated by authorities.


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