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Draw My Name: Interview with Bijan Azami

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Dale Carnegie

Our names are an amazingly significant part of our identity. They carry deep personal, cultural, familial, and historical connections. They also give us a sense of who we are, the communities we belong to, and our place in the world.

A person's name is the most significant connection to their own identity and individuality. Some might say it is the most important word in the world to that person. It is the one way we can easily get someone's attention. It is a sign of courtesy and a way of recognizing them.

“Some recent research suggests that names can influence the choice of profession, where we live, whom we marry, the grades we earn, the stocks we invest in, whether we’re accepted to a school or are hired for a particular job, and the quality of our work in a group setting. Also, much of the apparent influence of names on behaviour has been attributed to what’s known as the implicit-egotism effect: we are generally drawn to the things and people that most resemble us. Because we value and identify with our own names and initials, the logic goes, we prefer things that have something in common with them.” The New Yorker By Maria Konnikova. December 19, 2013

In this context of names, I got intrigued by the Intuitive Name Drawing Art undertaken by Bijan Azami.

MeaningfulShots: Tell us about your Intuitive Name Drawing Art; what incited you to take that initiative?

Bijan: Approximately 20 years ago, I showed interest in the art of drawing names. Back then, I was fascinated by Japanese name drawing. I used black ink and all sorts of brushes. I met an artist who did something similar, Ben Aalbers. He was mostly focusing on Oriental, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern styles. But at some point, I decided to use the Roman alphabet and felt the desire to add an intuitive side to it. I didn’t want to draw just something "pretty", but I wanted to draw the beauty that I see in the person who goes by that name. So, for instance when I draw your name, Soha, and another person's that goes by the name Soha, the images will all look different and have their own color.

I was doing this as a hobby at that time and stopped after a year or so. And now after 20 years, during the first lockdown, I felt the urge to take the initiative to create something with my hands. I am interested mostly in people’s personalities, identifying them, and creating an image of them. I am intrigued by who you are as a person and put it intuitively into my Name Drawing.

MeaningfulShots: Can you tell us about yourself?


Educational and Professional life:

- Global Thinking and Acting, Intercultural Communication skills.

- Innovator, Designer, Entrepreneur, Business Developer.

- Educator, Trainer, Coach, Inspirer, Encouraging & Empowering people, Cultivator of culture of learning.

- High achiever, Enthusiastic, Analyzer, Thorough.

- I Love travelling, connecting and strengthening relationships with people of all races.

- Calligrapher, Intuitive Name Drawing Artist.

- Hair stylist, Makeup artist and Manicurist.

My life in a story: Born in Iran, we moved to The Netherlands when I was 8. I consider myself a world citizen. I learned to adapt to my new environment very smoothly and adjusted myself to the Dutch culture, which is very different than the Iranian. I somehow always "blend in", as I also did while travelling to some Middle Eastern countries, China, and several African countries, amongst other places.

I have always been intrigued by people. In my teen years, my first job was hairdresser and beautician. Later on, I became an optician and soon had my own practice. My endeavor was always to help creating the image that my customers wanted for themselves and also to help them to pursue their dreams and aspirations. I helped them create an image that would perfectly reflect their identity.

I started a social enterprise, called